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      Why Dr. Positive Homeopathy?


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      About Dr. Positive Homeopathy

      Dr. Positive Homeopathy has been the pioneer of Homeopathy in the world. Dr. A. M. Reddy, a homeopathic specialist with international fame, founded Dr. Positive Homeopathy Group in the early 2000s. Dr. Care Group is a chain of holistic healing clinics with decades of healing experience, providing top-notch healthcare services with Specialists in treating patients from all over the world.

      Dr. Positive Homeopathy has been rigorously making homeopathic healing available to thousands of families around the globe. We have been working arduously to get the word out about homeopathy to individuals in every nation and hamlet on the planet. The group of clinics engages in homeopathy research, global practice, international promotion, and public awareness.

      We are known as “South India’s Leader in Healthcare” because of the extensive array of Healthcare Facilities we offer through both physical and online means of consultation.

      We are driven to create a healthier and better society by our core motto, “Prevention is Better Than Cure”.

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