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      Sciatica nerve is the longest nerve in the body that runs from the pelvis, through the posterior, the rear of the legs, finishing at the bottoms of the feet. Sciatica just means the sciatic nerve torment brought about by pressure or disturbance of the nerve.

      Sciatica Treatment in Homeopathy at Dr.Care
      Homeopathy for Sciatica is highly effective in providing topical relief to the skin and healing the immune system of the body to cure the concern completely. Dr.Care offers excellent remedies for Sciatica, in Homeopathy that is based on an in-depth individual analysis of medical history, genes, mental wellbeing, and lifestyle. 

      Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Sciatica

      Expert Homeopaths at Dr.Care recommend Constitutional Homeopathy treatment for Sciatica based on detailed case analysis of the individual, to provide individual specific Homeopathy treatment for Sciatica that gives immediate muscle relief and strengthens the immune system with important vitamins so that it helps heal the body as a whole.

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        With Diabetes becoming the most common disease in the world, Homeopathy aims to provide all kinds of solutions it deems necessary by providing medications based on the patient’s symptoms to it.


        Thyroid Disorders can be easily controlled by Homeopathic treatments which are right to opt because it will have no side effects and also a painless procedure to control and get relief.


        Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory condition of skin affecting people of all age groups. It is characterized by skin thickening and silvery scales and can affect the skin in any place.

        Kidney Stones

        Kidney Stones are solid masses made of crystals that form within the Kidney. Homeopathy offers natural remedies that do not just control pain but also dissolve the stones through the urine.


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