Establishment of Positive Group

Dr. A.M. Reddy founded Positive Group which includes the chain of Positive Homeopathy and Positive Dental clinics across India in the year 2005. He is known to be one of the renowned Homeopaths in India and has been practicing Homeopathy since decades. He not only played a pioneering role in the development of Homeopathy in India, but also took every measure possible to ensure that its significance and awareness has reached millions of people across the nation. Now Positive Group is considered one of the leading chains of clinics in India characterized by its great percentage of success rate in treatments.

Passion for Homeopathy

Dr A.M. Reddy has a Master’s degree in Homeopathy from Gulbarga University. Right from the childhood he had a unique interest and passion in pursuing this alternative medicine system. He started his career in his native of Kurnool district where he had first visited nearly 300 villages and conducted a survey on the kinds of health problems and ailments they had been suffering from. After observing their suffering and the ordeal they had to go through, he had an increased determination in pursuing Homeopathy and studied every nook and cranny related to diseases and the ideal solutions for them.

An Expert in Homeopathy

With this expertise, experience, and leadership, he has developed Positive Homeopathy into one of the most successful clinics in India. He has been a role-model to the young and aspiring Homeopaths who have also been a crucial part of Positive Group and contributing to its all-round success in offering top class treatments for all diseases. Patients now visit Positive Homeopathy with the utmost trust and faith of having their health problems treated successfully and more importantly, permanently.

Charitable Initiatives

Dr. A.M. Reddy’s vision of making the advantages and benefits of the safe and effective Homeopathy reach millions of people has made him not only to establish this corporate empire, but also to extend its medical benefits to maximum number of people with regular health camps and charitable initiatives.

Positive Group has also offered feasibility to white ration card holders to avail concession on Infertility treatments. Parents who are suffering from Infertility Problems were addressed by initiating Positive Infertility Clinics all over Telangana before providing this offer.

Thus extending his empire commercially as well as through charitable activities, he has provided employment to many aspiring youngsters who possess the talent and were looking for the ideal opportunities such as a career in Positive Homeopathy.

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