What is Scleroderma?

Scleroderma is an auto-immune disease that is characterized by scarring of the connective tissues of the skin and on other parts of the body. When the scarring of tissue occurs to the skin, it is generally termed as Fibroids. Scleroderma causes certain roughness and thickness of the skin at the area which is affected. In some cases, this is spread across the total body and this condition is called systemic sclerosis.

Best Homeopathy Treatment for Scleroderma


  • Skin thickening on face, chest, back, and midriff
  • Inflammation of the skin in the later stages
  • Infections to the organs including esophagus, lungs, bowels, hear, and kidneys
  • High B.P in some severe cases as a side-effect

Scleroderma can affect different organs and the symptoms vary accordingly.

  • Hard and whitish areas observed on the skin usually in the elbow, knee, and fingers is occurred because of tiny deposits of calcium. This condition is referred to as calcinosis and it can cause infection.
  • When spasm of the arteries that carry blood to fingers, toes, nose, ears, and tongue occurs, the areas affected can become red after exposure to sudden or extreme temperature changes and conditions, it is called Raynaud’s phenomenon.
  • When esophagus is affected with Scleroderma, the lower two-thirds of the organ loses proper functionality and allows the acid from the stomach to backflow. This causes heartburn.
  • Scleroderma can affect the skin of fingers or toes causing them to thicken giving them a puffy or slightly swollen appearance. This can limit their movement and cause discomfort.
  • When the Scleroderma affects face, hands, or in the mouth region, tiny red spots appear. This condition is called Telangiectasia


Scleroderma has no specific cause as it is an auto-immune problem. Hereditary factor may play a role in triggering the condition at some part of the life though it is not certain in all cases.

Homeopathy Treatment for Scleroderma

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