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    What is Nephrolithiasis?

    Nephrolithiasis, the disorder involving the formation of stones in the urinary tract, is a condition where the ureteral calculi or stones originate in the kidneys disrupting the functioning of the urinary tract system often leading to other infections and diseases.To know more information about nephrolithiasis treatment and symptoms

    Nephrolithiasis treatment


    Patients with Nephrolithiasis often experience pain and inflammation in the kidney and bladder area due to the presence of these stones. These vary depending on the location of pain, duration since stones are formed, and their characteristics. Some common symptoms include

    • Cramps and pain associated with nausea
    • Difficulty in passing urine as it is obstructed by the stones
    • Upper and lower abdominal pain as the stones migrate
    • Pelvic ache
    • Acute pain in the renal system due to infection
    • Renal failure
    • Abscess formation
    • Tenderness and discomfort at any part of the urinary tract system


    There are a few causes and risk factors that can often lead to Nephrolithiasis. These include

    • Past cases of urinary calculi
    • Prior urinary tract complications and infections
    • Renal failure and obstruction to the function
    • Family history
    • Elevated levels of Calcium, Oxalate, and Uric acid in urine
    • Metabolic and harmonic abnormalities
    • Excess calcium in diet
    • Environmental factors
    • Dietary changes
    • Some hereditary and genetic factors

    Homeopathy Treatment for Nephrolithiasis

    Kidney stones or Nephrolithiasis can be eliminated with effective Homeopathy. The treatment administered by Dr Positive Homeopathy not only ensures cure and relief from the problem, but also future complications and side-effects will be avoided. This is the safest way to counter the symptoms of kidney stones and normal functionality of the urinary tract system can be achieved to full extent in a good time.

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