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    What are Thyroid Diseases?

    Thyroid diseases are different disorders of the Thyroid gland due to certain abnormalities in the production of hormones and the functioning of the gland. Based on the features of the disease, these are classified into

    • Hypothyroid (Underactive Thyroid)
    • Hyperthyroid (Overactive Thyroid)
    • Thyroid Nodules

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    This disorder occurs when the Thyroid gland produces excess of Thyroid hormones and thereby disrupting the metabolism activities and leading to other health complications. Hyperthyroid is often a result of Graves’ disease. Some symptoms observed here are quite opposite to those of Hypothyroid and they include

    • Increased anxiety and jitteriness with irritation and shaking on a regular basis
    • Rapid or increased heartbeat
    • Consistent feeling of heat
    • Weight loss
    • Weakness, fatigue, and a consistent feeling of exhaustion
    • Frequent bowel movements
    • Shorter menstrual periods
    • Irritation in the eye and temporary impairment or loss of vision especially when Hyperthyroid emanates from Graves’ disease

    Homeopathy Treatment for Hyperthyroid

    Positive Homeopathy exclusive department for the treatment of Thyroid diseases known as “Thyro-Cell” has been a huge success in controlling the symptoms and effects caused by Hyperthyroid. Constitutional treatment employed here by our specialist doctors will be aimed at identifying the root cause of the problem and the person’s entire health status, physical and psychological, along with the family health history is deeply studied before unique and ideal medication is prescribed. we are providing best world wide homeopathy medicine for hyperthyroidism

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