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    What are Warts?

    Wart (Plural: Warts) is an abnormal skin growth that resemble small, tumor like solid blisters that generally occur on hands and feet. These are sometimes observed on other parts of the body as well. Warts are contagious caused by an infection through a virus called HPA or Human Papillomavirus. This disease can be transmitted by direct physical contact or when the person touches or uses towels and soaps etc. already used by the person affected with warts.Common warts grow on hands while the warts on the soles of the feet are specifically referred to as plantar warts or verruca. Warts can often go away on their own but in some severe cases require treatment when they are present for longer periods of time. For more about homeopathy medicine for warts go through the below information

    Homeopathy Treatment for Warts

    Homeopathy Treatment for Warts


    Warts appear in the form of either smooth shape or rough bumps as a bulging of the skin. These are supplied with the blood through the tiny blood vessels that grow into their core enabling reddish appearance sometimes.

    Warts are usually painless but when pressure is applied often in the areas such as fingers or feet, pain can be experienced. Warts can appear gradually once the infection takes place and often requires a few months to observe the bulging of the skin.

    The different types of warts are categorized depending on the area affected

    • Common warts that are usually found on hands and fingers but can grow anywhere
    • Plantar warts found on the soles of the feet
    • Flat warts usually found on face, wrists, neck, and hands
    • Filiform warts found near lips or eyelids
    • Mosaic wart found on soles of the feet or hands
    • Genital warts that occur on the genitals
    • Periungual warts that occur around the nails


    As mentioned, Warts are caused by a virus called HPA which is again of three types.

    • Type 1 virus causes plantar and palmar warts
    • Type 2 virus causes common, mosaic, filiform, and in some cases plantar warts
    • Type 3 virus causes flat warts

    Homeopathy Treatment for Warts

    Homeopathy is considered an ideal form of solution to counter warts.Dr Positive Homeopathy offers safe and effective homeopathy medicine for warts that eliminate warts without any threat of side-effects. Patients have been observed to have relief from the symptoms in a very short time with homeopathic medication for warts.

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