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    What is Renal Failure?

    Also referred to as Lithiasis or Renal calculus, this disease is considered to be one of the most commonly affecting illness of the urinary tract system. This disease is used in synonym with the kidney stones, minute mineral solid deposits formed in the kidneys, which cause severe pain while passing urine and pain in abdomen in general.

    Depending on the type of stones that are formed, renal stones are classified into primary and secondary stones. While primary stones are formed in a healthy urinary tract and they are not a product of inflammation, secondary stones are formed as a result of inflammation.To know more information about kidney failure medicine in homeopathy (or) renal failure go through the below information

    kidney failure medicine in homeopathy


    • Renal pain
    • Pain while passing urine
    • Abdominal pain
    • Swelling of kidney due to inability of passing urine properly
    • Presence of blood in urine
    • Presence of pus in urine due to infection


    There are a number of factors that could cause renal failure including environmental, hereditary, medical, and dietary factors. They include

    • Intake of diet with abnormal levels of sodium regularly
    • Family history of renal diseases
    • Urinary tract infection
    • Deficiency of Vitamin A
    • Over production of Parathormone
    • Lack of mobility for long periods
    • Lack of physical activity and exercise

    Homeopathy Treatment for Renal Failure

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