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    What are Hemorrhoids?

    Hemorrhoids is know as piles, hemorrhoids occur when the vascular mucosal cushions in the anal canal are abnormally enlarged. This leads to the swelling of the veins just as the blood vessels along the walls become for the homeopathy medicine for piles are provided by positive homeopathy.The presence of Hemorrhoids can lead to rectal bleeding. Depending on the position Hemorrhoids can be classified into internal and external Hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids grow far inside the rectal area and the presence of these hemorrhoids cannot be observed directly or physically. Pain is not a symptom in case of internal hemorrhoids and its presence can be confirmed only by observing blood in the stool.

    External Hemorrhoids occur outside the rectal region, just under the perennial skin. These are often painful, itching, and irritating, and they become higher in intensity while passing stool. Thrombosis is one of the conditions caused due to external hemorrhoids in which the blood clots around the affected area.

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    The below symptoms are observed more commonly in external hemorrhoids than internal.

    • Discomfort, pain, and irritation in the anal region
    • Frequent appearance of blood while passing the stool
    • Presence of bulging spongy like skin just outside the anal region. This is exclusively felt in the case of external hemorrhoids
    • Inconvenience or discomfort while sitting or sometimes moving


    Hemorrhoids are observed in people whose family has had the same problem. The other physical causes that can lead to Hemorrhoids include

    • Frequent bowel movements
    • Heavy strain while trying to pass stool
    • High physical stress and strain
    • Diarrhea

    Certain dietary habits and alcohol consumption can also lead to Hemorrhoids in some cases.

    Mostly, Hemorrhoids are temporary and can be eliminated with some home remedies and certain diet habits. Intake of good amount of water, consumption of foods with good percentage of water, fruits, and a decent amount of physical activity can help you get rid of hemorrhoids quickly.

    Homeopathy Treatment for Hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids can effectively and treated without the necessity of a surgery. Our safe and approved medication will help you achieverelief from the problem without any side-effects.Positive Homeopathy is your ideal destination for complete and safe treatment of Hemorrhoids.

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