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    What is Arthritis?

    The literal meaning of Arthritis is inflammation of joints. This condition is a disorder that is characterized by the inflammation at the area where the bones meet i.e. a joint. A joint is a vital section that plays a major part in the ideal movement of the body part where it is situated. One who is affected with Arthritis would feel severe pain during the movement of that particular body part or in some cases inability to move.

    There are more than hundred types of Arthritis identified depending on the area where it is affected and the kind of symptoms exhibited. But the following two are usually considered the major Arthritis types

    • Osteoarthritis which is related to wear and tear of the softer or smooth bones called Cartilage
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis which occurs to the over-stimulated or over-active immune system

    To know more about arthritis symptoms and causes & homeopathy treatment for arthritis follow the below information.


    • Joint pains
    • Swelling and inflammation at the joint areas
    • Stiffness and tenderness at the joints

    Some severe cases affect other organs like heart, lungs, and kidneys and can also cause fever, weight loss, tiredness, fatigue, and infections

    Homeopathy Treatment for Arthritis


    In case of Osteoarthritis, the causes include a traumatic accident leading to physical injuries, abnormalities in metabolism like Gout, infections, and certain bacterial or viral infections. Rheumatoid Arthritis occurs when there is a disorder in the immune system.

    Homeopathy Treatment for Arthritis

    Our specialist doctor would deeply examine the joints affected with inflammation and experiencing pain. The patient’s past history, physical and psychological health status is studied, and once the type of Arthritis is deduced followed by related medical tests and x-ray diagnosis, constitutional homeopathy treatment is offered.

    Our world-class Homeopathic solutions will ensure that the Arthritis would not affect other vital organs of the body and the spreading is contained. Cure is initiated by identifying the root cause and results can be observed effectively without any kind of side-effects.

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