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    What is Bronchitis?

    Bronchitis is a respiratory ailment that is simply defined as the acute inflammation of the bronchial tubes or airways that act as the passage for air to the lungs. It occurs when the windpipe or trachea and the aforementioned airways are affected by certain infections or triggers that cause the inflammation.

    Bronchitis can be acute which lasts a few weeks or chronic which is long term and can last up to a few years. People suffering from Asthma along with the symptoms of this condition are usually diagnosed with “Asthmatic Bronchitis”,To know more about best homeopathy treatment for bronchitis and symptoms follow the below information.


    Patients affected with Bronchitis usually suffer from the below common symptoms

    • Severe cough – either dry or with phlegm
    • Wheezing
    • Shortness of breath and burning sensation in the airways
    • Chest pain and tightness
    • Mild fever with cold infrequently

    Bronchitis is more observed in the cold seasons and can affect both adults and children alike. If the fever lasts for more than 4 – 5 days, it is suggested to have a medical test to rule out the presence of Pneumonia.

    Best Homeopathy Treatment for Bronchitis


    There are a significant number of causes that may lead or trigger the occurrence of Bronchitis. These include

    • Heavy smoking
    • Alcoholic consumption
    • Allergies due to natural and environmental factors such as pollens, dust mites, and pollution
    • Weak immune system
    • Unhygienic living
    • Unhealthy diet or change in food habits
    • Sinus infections
    • Severe cold and fever on consistent basis

    Homeopathy Treatment for Bronchitis

    Bronchitis is very much curable with Homeopathy and effectively prevent the spread of the disease to other regions or chronic illness. Relief is achieved without any side-effects with the help of constitutional treatment at Dr Positive Homeopathy. The methodology includes complete study of patient’s physical and psychological state and the ideal treatment is employed which produces successful cure.

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