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    What is Allergic Rhinitis?

    Known to be one of the most common types of Allergy, Rhinitis which is also known as Coryza is characterized by the inflammation of the nasal mucosa or the irritation of the mucus membrane of the nose. This inflammation which is basically caused due to degranulation of the mast cells present in the nose can lead to running and stuffy nose as well as post nasal drip.

    Allergic Rhinitis is categorized into two types based on when it occurs.

    • Seasonal
    • Perennial

    Homeopathy Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis

    As the name itself indicates, Seasonal Rhinitis occurs during a particular season based on the amount or abundance of pollens and allergens in the corresponding season that cause the problem. Perennial Rhinitis on the other hand occurs round the year and is mostly caused due to dietary habits of the individual, allergies to certain insects and animals like cockroaches etc.


    Most commonly observed symptoms are

    • Running nose and in some cases nasal or sinus infection which is characterized by thicker and yellowish liquids from the nose
    • Continuous sneezing and cough
    • Itchy and watery eyes and in some cases Conjunctivitis
    • Sensitive skin leading to rashes and hives often

    Complications also include post nasal drip, recurring sinusitis, and in some severe cases, there is a risk of developing Asthma as well.


    Some of the most common causes observed in the occurrence of Rhinitis are Pollens, grasses, and certain insects such as house dust mites, cockroaches, and also substances such as molds, wood dust, chemicals. These very from person to person and is highly dependent on their build of immune system.

    Homeopathy Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis

    Homeopathy Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis offerd by Dr Positive Homeopathy for Allergic Rhinitis are aimed at tuning the immune system of the person so that it does not become hyper-allergic to the substances that cause the disease such as pollens, certain insects, smoke, and dust. For the treatment procedure, every aspect of health history of the patient is considered which includes past diagnosis, family history, and subsequently the most probable causes of the allergy. Then the genetic constitutional homeopathy treatment is employed which ensures enduring relief from the symptoms and a cure that is devoid of any kind of side-effects.

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