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    What is Infertility (Female)?

    The disorder in women characterized with the inability to conceive or become pregnant even with active sexual life is called Infertility. If the person is unable to conceive even after 1 year of active and regular sexual life, then it is considered as primary infertility. If the person who has conceived once already is unable to conceive second time, the condition is regarded as secondary infertility.To know more about Infertility treatment in homeopathyand symptoms follow the below information

    Infertility treatment in homeopathy


    The major symptom is the inability to conceive even after one year of trying. Though the below symptoms are not directly a result of infertility, these are often associated with the disorder in females.

    • Irregular menses
    • Painful menses
    • Blood loss and pain in the lower abdominal area


    • Poly cystic ovarian disease.
    • Thyroid hormone dysfunction.
    • Hormonal imbalance.
    • Uterine diseases like fibroids, polyps, cancer, and endometriosis.
    • Diabetes, hypertension.
    • Birth defects in reproductive organs.
    • Age factor.
    • Life style: Obesity, Alcohol, smoking, eating disorders
    • Pelvic infections
    • Autoimmune diseases.

    Homoeopathy Treatment for Female Infertility

    Infertility treatment in homeopathy has proven highly effective in treating infertility cases. Through constitutional treatment, the cause is determined, complete case history will be studied and medicine will be prescribed accordingly to the totality of symptoms which includes mental and physical conditions. Positive Homeopathy offers world class treatment for infertility and has been highly successful in treating a number of cases with results in good time.

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