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    What is Asthma?

    Asthma is basically referred to as a condition characterized by inflammation of and obstruction in airways or bronchial tubes that are vital for the functioning of lungs and breathing. The extent of the disease and the symptoms exhibited will vary from person to person.To know more about asthma symptoms and causes and homeopathy medicine for asthma follow the below information.

    Asthma Symptoms

    The major symptoms in a patient affected by Asthma are

    • Regular wheezing and shortness of breath
    • Frequent coughing especially during nights
    • Inability to sleep properly through the night
    • Pain in the chest area and lungs

    The extent of these symptoms varies from person to person. Some people who suffer from Asthma may not exhibit any kind of symptoms for a long time. Some may experience severe asthma frequently. While some experience the problems during sleep, some may experience the same during exercise or during times of physical or mental stress.

    It is hence suggested to consult a doctor immediately if one or more of the above symptoms are observed, however mild they are. Chronic Asthma can lead to severe breathing issues and heart attacks that may prove fatal. Hence it is imperative that Asthma is controlled at early stages and the attacks are kept in check.

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    Asthma Causes

    A majority of Asthma cases are known to be of Genetic or Hereditary reasons though now-a-days environmental factors also play a major role in causing the problem. Dietary changes and unhygienic living can add to the problem and increase the frequency of attacks.

    Types of Asthma

    There are two main types of asthma:

    Extrinsic asthma is triggered by environmental factors such as allergens (e.g. pollen, dust mites), irritants (e.g. smoke, pollution), and infections.

    Intrinsic asthma is not triggered by environmental factors and occurs spontaneously without an apparent cause.

    Homeopathy Treatment for Asthma

    Homeopathy is considered an ideal solution to achieve enduring relief from Asthma as most cases involve genetic or hereditary reasons for the occurrence. Constitutional treatment offered by Dr.Positive Homeopathy in treating Asthma makes sure that the entire mental and physical aspects of the patient’s health are studied and ideal treatment is suggested. And results can be achieved much faster during the initial stages of Asthma without any hint of side-effects.

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