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    What is Tonsillitis?

    Tonsils are a couple of masses of tissues situated at the back of the throat which filter the germs and bacteria that try to enter the airways into lungs. They also defend the airways from infections by producing some anti-bodies that fight off these germs. Tonsillitis is an infection characterized by the inflammation of these Tonsils because of some bacteria and virus.Tonsillitis can be acute (temporary) or a chronic (long-term) condition and requires immediate medical treatment.To know more about homeopathy medicine for tonsillitis and symptoms & causes follow the below information.

    homeopathy medicine for tonsillitis


    People suffering from Tonsillitis will often experience the following symptoms

    • Swelling and inflammation of tonsils observed at the back of the throat
    • Reddening of the tonsils area
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Discomfort and difficulty while eating
    • Ear ache
    • Nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain (mostly observed in children)
    • Fever with chills
    • Headache and loss of appetite
    • Change in the tone of the voice
    • Difficulty in speaking

    Tonsillitis can be a recurring phenomenon or long-term disease. In such cases, patients would frequently suffer from some or other throat infections and can have severe trouble in breathing as pus is accumulated along the airways.


    Certain infections caused bacteria and viruses lead to the occurrence of Tonsillitis. These include

    • Streptococcus or Strep bacteria is considered the major cause
    • Viruses including influenza, Epstein-Barr, Parainfluenza, Entero, and Herpes simplex

    Unhygienic living and poor dietary habits can lead to Tonsillitis. This is more commonly observed in children than in adults.

    Homeopathy Treatment for Tonsillitis

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