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    What is Fistula?

    Fistula is generally defined as the abnormal connection or an infection between the perianal skin and the surface of the anal canal. Fistula can also be artificial which are surgically created for certain therapies.

    Anal fistula occurs when the anal glands, which are situated between the two layers of anal sphincters and drain into the anal canal, are blocked and an abscess if formed. The formation of abscess can be a recurring process if not controlled caused by the repetitive accumulation of the pus in the infected area.

    Fistulae can be blind, complete, or incomplete type which means that they are characterized by open at one end, both external and internal openings, and only external opening without contacting any other organ or surface respectively.

    Best Homeopathy Treatment for Fistula


    Patients with Anal Fistulae can generally experience the following symptoms

    • Pain in the anal or rectal areas due to swelling
    • Itchiness and inflammation in anus
    • Blood and pus discharge frequently and while passing stool
    • Sometimes patients may suffer from chills and fever


    • Surgeries are often the cause of anal as well as vaginal fistula
    • Frequent inflammatory bowel movement including Crohn’s disease
    • Radiation therapies
    • Inflammatory diseases, tuberculosis, trauma, cancer, and STDs can lead to this problem

    Homeopathy Treatment for Fistula

    Positive Homeopathy offers safe and effective treatment for Fistula which gives relief and riddance of the problem without any side-effects. Homeopathy is considered an ideal treatment choice for the cure of Fistula in both men and women.

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