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    Headaches and Classification

    The most common symptom experienced by almost every human at some or other point of life, headaches are actually classified into three different categories based on the intensity, duration, and the areas it can majorly affect.To know types of headches and symptoms and causes & homeopathy medicine for headache follow the below information.

    Types of headches:-

    • Primary headaches
    • Secondary headaches
    • Cranial neuralgia and miscellaneous forms of headaches

    Primary headaches are the most common forms of headaches and they include headaches due to tensions which is the most common type, migraines and cluster headaches. Some less common headaches due to a variety of stress and anxiety causes also belong to this category.

    Secondary headaches are not actually a direct symptom but are occurred due to another underlying disorder or structural problem such as brain tumors, meningitis, neck pain, and encephalitis

    If the nerves of the upper neck and head undergo inflammation, cranial neuralgia occurs causing not only aches in the head but also facial pain.

     homeopathy medicine for headache


    • Pressure and pain in the head making it difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand
    • Either one side of the head is affected or both the sides are affected by ache
    • Tension headaches are usually mild and lasts only for a short duration (few hours)
    • If headaches are frequent and patients are sensitive to light or sound, it could be migraine

    Though headaches are usually not life-threating, the underlying cause could be. Migraines are chronic and should be treated to control the effect. Brain tumors are life-threating.


    • Physical and emotional stress
    • Working for long hours without enough rest or sleep
    • Spending long time with mobile phones, or in front of laptops
    • Exposure to intense sun light and radiation
    • Environmental factors
    • Accidental injuries to neck and head
    • Concussions
    • Brain tumors
    • Meningitis
    • Encephalitis

    Homeopathy Treatment for Headache

    Homeopathy is always the ideal and best option to get rid of headaches. The treatment and medication for headaches offer cure without the risk of side-effects or future complications. Chronic headaches like migraine should be treated with Homeopathy in order to achieve long term results without affecting the functioning of the body.

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