Medical Enquiry

    Now Get Online Homeopathy Consultation at the Comfort of Your Home

    Positive Homeopathy Provides You With –

    • Online consultation with the support of the website and mobile application
    • Experts’ Advice
    • Video call/ voice call with homeopathic doctors
    • Uploading reports
    • Delivery of medicines at your doorstep

    What is Positive Homeopathy Online Consultation?

    We know how much effort you have to put in to make a doctor’s appointment in your time-crunched schedules. The traveling, arrangements, long waiting hours are over now.

    With the advancement of technology now consulting a doctor has become easier. Positive homeopathy brings to you online consultation at your fingertips. Positive homeopathy provides a platform for the patients to interact with the doctors face-to-face or wither book an appointment.

    Positive Homeopathy services don’t end with consultation; we deliver medicines right at your door for your convenience.

    Your Time is Valuable So is your Health

    Let us make everything easy for you because re-scheduling is never an option.

    How Online Consultation Works?

    Positive Homeopathy online consultation is very easy. The science of homeopathy is combined with the technology to give the best consultation experience to the patients. The steps are written down below to help you get the best of our online consultation:

    Step 1: Visit our website
    Step 2: Fill the medical inquiry form or call us
    Step 3: One of our agents will call you and fix an appointment with the Doctor. Doctor answer your questions and prescribe relevant treatment
    Step 4: You receive a notification to your mobile regarding the duration and payment
    Step 5: You confirm payment
    Step 6: Medicines are delivered at your doorstep