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Homeopathy is often overlooked as a therapy for pain management. However, it deserves to be considered the first option in the line of treatments as it is not only effective and safe but also a very cost-effective alternative for pain management. In this article, we will see how to manage pain using a homeopathic kit.

It is a myth that homeopathy is only for chronic ailments and not very effective in acute disease as it is slow and takes a long time for results. The effectiveness of Homeopathy’s cure and relief depend upon the chronicity of the ailments, the underlying complications and genetic makeup of the person. Except for a few medical emergencies which may require immediate hospitalization and special care, Homeopathy can be thought of as an effective alternative.

It can help cure many acute conditions like cold, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, etc quickly. Homeopathy can also be opted not just to make acute pain go away but also in chronic conditions. It’s pain killers can help to improve the quality of life and reduce the dependency on NSAIDS for pain relief.

Given below are few important remedies for pain management using the homeopathic kit:

Arnica: This is a classic remedy for trauma injury.  Bruising, specially adapted to those who remain long impressed by eve slightest mechanical injury. It prevents suppuration and septic condition and promotes absorption. Ailments from physical exertion and blunt injuries.

Apis Mel:  One of the best remedy for allergic reactions, especially caused due to insect bites or stings. Urticarial rash with red, swollen, hot skin with stinging pain in the affected region. Pains ameliorated by cold application.

Rhus tox: One of the prime remedy for arthritic pains. Joint pains are worse at first but better by continuous motion and hot applications they can be reduced. Pains are generally described as an aching type and many complain of muscular stiffness.

Ruta: It is a remedy for ligament injuries. Legs give out when one attempts to rise from a chair, has to make several attempts before one can succeed. Plantar fasciitis, severe pain in the foot, unable to step on them. Sciatica pain worse lying down.

Belladonna: This is a great remedy for fever, sunstroke and a remedy for acute skin conditions like boils and abscess

Plantago: It serves as a remedy for tooth pain. Teeth feel sore and sensitive to touch. Toothache with reflex neuralgia to eyelids. Pain feels worse by cold applications and better by eating.

Calendula: Homeopathic antiseptic remedy. It is almost specific for external wounds with or without loss of substance, torn and jagged looking or clean, surgical cuts, lacerated wounds. It helps to prevent excessive suppuration and disfiguring scars.

Hepar Sulph: Slightest injury causes separation. Skin is extremely sensitive to touch, cannot bear even the touch of cloth. Infected wounds and abscess respond well to this remedy.

Nux Vomica: This remedy can be a lifesaver in case of hangover. It also works well for stomach upsets and headaches caused by overindulgence in food and alcohol.

Arsenicum Album: A remedy for food poisoning. Great prostration, diarrhea after eating or drinking. Keynote of this remedy is Anxiety, the patient is likely to be very cold, and pains might be described as burning.

Colocynth: Used for agonizing pain in the abdomen, causing the patient to bend double with restlessness, twisting to obtain relief, worse after eating and drinking.

Mag Phos: Spasms or cramps of abdomen especially during menses, flow dark, pain is darting, shooting, lightning and spasmodic relieved by bending double and hard pressure.

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