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The health of the women is crucial to the family’s strength since they are the key to happiness. Infact, women in India are the family queens; without them, family is incomplete. 

They do their daily chores, making lunch boxes for their children, and household members who leave for work, without showing any signs of stress, even though they are sick and uncomfortable sometimes. 

Due to this stress & other factors, women nowadays may suffer from polycystic ovaries syndrome, which is usually followed by infertility due to PCOS’s complications. Read below to understand the PCOS symptoms and it’s treatments in homeopathy.

What simply is PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)?

It’s a frequent condition that primarily affects women throughout their reproductive life. It signifies that PCOS/PCOD mostly affects the ovaries. Multiple small cysts on the ovaries, irregular menstruation periods, and an excess of male hormones are typical symptoms of the disease.

Opinions on PCOS

Read below before getting into the details of PCOS Symptoms and Treatment.

  • Its early phases begin at the age of 11 years old
  • Women who have a high frequency of low HDL and high triglycerides has increased risk of PCOS
  • People with PCOS have low fertility or infertility in women
  • Based on numbers, one out of every 10 women has this disease
  • Women from ages of 18 and 44 are more likely to develop the disease, which is then followed by infertility

Before consulting a professional to determine the main cause of PCOS, check your health status and hereditary conditions.


PCOS Symptoms _ Dr. Positive Homeopathy

Types of PCOS – Based on Severity

  • Each person’s symptoms for PCOS are distinct and diverse 
  • Let us comprehend the gravity of the situation in a short period of time in order to be healthy 
  • PCOS is divided into three kinds based on the severity 

PCOS – Mild

  • If you have mild PCOS, your symptoms will be somewhat less 
  • According to the medical reports, if the ovarian size is 10-15 cc/ml, it is believed that you are suffering from mild PCOS
  • Your menstrual cycle has been pushed out by more than a week 
  • You will get back to normal in less than six months

PCOS – Moderate

  • Your discomfort will last between 6 and 12 months 
  • Periods are delayed for 2-3 weeks
  • According to medical sources, if your ovarian size is greater than 10-15 cc/ml, you should consult a doctor 
  • Experiencing any of the signs, you have PCOS at a moderate degree 

PCOS Severe

Consult your doctor if you express any of the symptoms listed below, as they are related to severe PCOS

  • Your pain will last longer than a year
  • Your periods will be four weeks or more late
  • Your ovarian size is more than 15 cc/ml
  • External growth that is excessive
  • Unnoticed weight increase

PCOS Symptoms

  • Acne
  • Fatigue
  • Hair thinning
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Hirsutism
  • Periods of irregularity
  • Infertility
  • Overweight
  • Pelvic pain

If left untreated, PCOS Symptoms might lead to infertility and other health problems, in which homeopathy can assure treatment with no side effects.

PCOS Causes

If you are wondering about the actual cause of PCOS, you may keep an eye out for the causes as they are revealed.

  • Hypoglycemic agent Overdose: Hypoglycemic agent is a hormone generated by the pancreas that allows the absorption of sugar by human cells, as it is the primary energy source for persons. If your body consumes too much sugar, it may fight the rise in hypoglycemic agent levels, which is followed by increased testosterone production, making ovulation difficult 
  • Imperfect Inflammation: Excessive production of white blood cells required to combat infection may elevate levels of androgens, which in turn creates the cysts in ovaries. These might result in the blood vessel and heart problems.
  • Heredity: Many studies suggest that PCOS is genetic, and this should be mentioned when seeking treatment from a doctor


PCOS can progress as a result of issues such as:

  • Unexplained uterine bleeding
  • Anxiety, sadness, and other eating disorders are all examples of mood disorders 
  • Infertility
  • Cancer of the endometrium
  • Diabetes
  • Abortion or preterm delivery of a child
  • Inflammation of the liver caused by fat or alcohol overload
  • Blood pressure rise
  • High levels of blood sugar

PCOS Symptoms - Dr. Positive Homeopathy

When to see the doctor 

The following diagnostic procedures may be conducted during consultation.

A pelvic examination: The doctor examines your reproductive organs visually and physically for lumps, growths, or other abnormalities 

Blood tests are performed: Hormone levels in your blood may be measured. This testing can rule out potential causes of menstrual irregularities or androgen excess that may resemble PCOS conditions. You may be exposed to further blood tests to assess glucose tolerance as well as fasting cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

A type of ultrasonography: Your doctor examines the appearance of your ovaries as well as the thickness of the uterine lining. In your vagina, a wand-like instrument (transducer) is inserted (transvaginal ultrasound). The transducer generates sound waves, which are then converted into visuals on a computer screen.

If you have PCOS symptoms, your doctor may advise you to undergo extra testing to rule out any issues. Among these tests are:

  • Blood pressure, glucose tolerance, and cholesterol and triglyceride levels should be checked on a regular basis
  • Depression and anxiety screening
  • Obstructive sleep apnea screening

The Effects of PCOS on Your Body

Higher-than-normal androgen levels can have an impact on your fertility as well as other areas of your health.


You should ovulate in order to become pregnant. Women who do not ovulate on a regular basis do not produce as many eggs to be fertilized. PCOS is one of the primary reasons for female infertility.

Metabolic Syndrome

Approximately 80% of women with PCOS are overweight or obese. Obesity and PCOS both raise your chances of:

  • Increased blood sugar levels
  • Blood pressure is too high
  • Low levels of HDL(Good) cholesterol
  • Elevated LDL (bad) cholesterol levels 

These variables are referred to together as a metabolic syndrome because they raise the risk of:

  • Diabetes 
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke

Severe sleep apnea

This disease causes frequent trouble breathing during the night, disrupting sleep.

Sleep apnea is more frequent in overweight women, especially with PCOS. Women who have both obesity and PCOS have a 5 to 10 times increased risk of sleep apnea as people not having PCOS.

Cancer of endometrium

The uterine lining sheds during ovulation. If you do not ovulate each month, the lining might accumulate.

Endometrial cancer risk is increased by thicker uterine lining.


But hormonal imbalances and signs such as unwanted hair growth can have a severe impact on your mood. Many people with PCOS eventually develop depression and anxiety.

PCOD/PCOS Homeopathy Treatment 

Homeopathy is a safe and efficient method of treating PCOS symptoms. The traditional treatment of reproductive hormones prescriptions and surgical removal, on the other hand, aids in the regulation of the bloodstream’s hormone levels.

The basic cause of these diseases has yet to be identified. Homeopathic medicine, with its constitutional approach, focused on the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, aids in the maintenance of a normal hormone level.

At Dr. Care, our team of highly trained specialists and cutting-edge medicines have benefited many people in overcoming PCOD and conceiving naturally.

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