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When a patient approaches any doctor, irrespective of the disease, or treatment, they want their disease to be cured. When you are going to a doctor for treatment of your disease, you cannot access whether you are going to get rid of your disease or not. You have to take the treatment for your whole life means learning to live with the medicines. Some give you medicines but had diet restrictions, physical exercises, aerobics, etc.

So how to know whether we are taking the correct treatment or not? To understand it better I’ll explain with an example. Suppose a person is having complaints like easy fatigue, increased hunger, drinking lots of water due to thirst, and having frequent urination. And when he goes for a blood test he is detected with Type-II diabetes, what will he do? He will go to any doctor nearby, and start the treatment with Oral anti-hyperglycemic drugs like glimepiride, glipizide-metformin, or any other.

The dose starts with a single tablet per day, then after a few months, it goes to twice a day. After that, there is the addition of one more tablet which goes on increasing and finally lands up with hypoglycemic agent injections. It never stops here; the hypoglycemic hormone which is started as 5-10 units per day goes on increasing too. While this treatment is going on you will notice that you are becoming weak day by day; result in which you are ending with any of the complications of diabetes. And again a separate set of medicines is started for the complications.

This is the treatment part now what is going on with the disease? The disease starts with the inability of the specialized cells of the pancreas to produce enough amount of hypoglycemic agent or poor response of the body to the produced hypoglycemic hormone. Hypoglycemic Agent is responsible for the absorption or intake of glucose in our body. Glucose cannot enter our body cells without hypoglycemic hormone.

So, when there is a lack of hypoglycemic agent the glucose is not entered in cells but remains in the blood. With the taking of the oral anti-hyperglycemic drugs, the glucose in the blood is reduced but the hypoglycemic hormone is still deficient in the body. Here the problem is still the same- hypoglycemic agent is not sufficient. Only the glucose in the blood is getting reduced; which shows the normal range when we perform the blood test. Continuous use of the drugs starts affecting other organs of the body and you may land up in any complication like Cardiovascular disease, Nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy), Kidney damage (diabetic nephropathy), Eye damage (diabetic retinopathy), or Foot damage (diabetic foot), and the list goes on….

So where is “cure”? Neither the disease had decreased nor the number of medicines. Is your health getting better? You have to find an answer to be healthy once again. Here Dr. Care’s Positive Homeopathy will help you find questions about your queries.

Let me tell you how? In Dr. Care’s Homeopathy, you are treated with the best quality of homeopathic medicines with the minimum dose which stimulates your body defense mechanism and helps your body heal itself. There are no side effects as we give constitutional homeopathic medicine.

Dr Care's Positive Homeopathy

Let us consider the above example only – Dr. Care’s homeopathic treatment will stimulate your pancreas so that your pancreas can produce a sufficient amount of hypoglycemic hormone for the body and the body itself will balance the hypoglycemic agent and glucose levels. When the hypoglycemic hormone levels are sufficient to your body; glucose is properly absorbed by the cells in our body and the body feels energetic and healthy.

You have to take medicines only till the hypoglycemic agent levels are normal and your body is able to balance the sugar levels which will take specific time differing from person to person. Along with medicines our doctors will inform you about the diet and exercises you have to practice. And the plus point is that our medicines will prevent you from landing up in diabetes complications. Our medicines never cause any harm to the delicate organs of your body, the dose of our medicines though strong is not harmful as it is in minimum quantity.

Our medicines will improve your health as well as deteriorate the disease slowly. As the disease starts to decrease we can minimize the medicine doses (as per the case) and can finally stop it. Hence you don’t need to take it lifelong. Dr. Care’s Positive Homeopathy will be the solution to your answers where you can get the desired treatment and improvement of your health that too without any side-effects.

For more details regarding any treatment call us upon our toll-free number or visit our website. We are here to help you keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending upon the condition of the patient.

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