Everything You Need to Know About Headaches/Migraines & Its Treatment

Headache, Ouch!!, that awful pain in the head all of us would have suffered at least once in a lifetime but in some, it may be triggered frequently, a condition known as Migraine. Learn more about homeopathy treatment for migraine headaches in this article.

What is Migraine?

Migraine or hemicrania (one-sided headache) is defined as a “severe and recurrent pain in the head”, usually affecting only one side either right or left. It is different from other headaches as it usually is accompanied by an aura before attack, nausea, and photophobia.

What causes Migraine?

The exact cause for migraine is not known through several triggers and risk factors are known. Gender and hormones may play a role in Migraine as it is seen more in females especially in the menstrual age.  The other trigger factors include Stress both physical and emotional like depression, anxiety, and other emotional disturbances, menstrual cycles, moon phases, food, weather, etc.

What are the symptoms of Migraine?

The usual symptoms of Migraine are:

  • Hemicrania or one-sided headaches. The pain is usually severe with many describing the pain as a throbbing, bursting type of pain. Though a typical migraine pain is restricted to one side of the head, in some the pain can traverse and affect both sides and may also complain of neck pain.
  • Nausea and Vomiting: About 90% of persons suffering from migraine complain of nausea or queasy feeling in the stomach and in more than 40% this nausea is accompanied by vomiting.
  • Photophobia and visual disturbances: During the pain phase many sufferers prefer a dark, silent room and are unable to withstand bright, dazzling lights as they become sensitive to light and sound. Some may complain of hazy vision and some complaint of flickers before the eyes, especially before the attack.
  • Aura: A classical or typical case of migraine is usually preceded by an aura before the attack. Aura can be described as a warning sign before an attack. The aura usually begins a few minutes before the attack and the most common aura reported is visual disturbances, mood swings or gastrointestinal disturbances.  In some cases, the warning signals of an emanating attack can start a few hours or days before the actual episode of pain which is known as Prodromal Phase.
  • Post migraine episode they may suffer from fatigue, discomfort in the pain zone, depression and gastrointestinal disturbance.

Homeopathy Treatment for migraine Headaches – Dr. Positive Homeopathy

Homeopathy Treatment offers a good solution for Migraine. Though Migraine is not life threatening it can affect the quality of life of affected persons and in some cases, frequent migraine pains can even lead to cardiac complications. Besides that, the use of frequent pain killers has their own side effects. Homeopathy treatment helps in reducing the intensity of attacks and prevents frequent recurrence of migraine pain thereby improving the quality of life without any side effects. Homeopathy medications are given based on the totality of symptoms presented by the patient which include physical, mental, emotional and social symptoms. Given below is a case study of Migraine treated successfully by homeopathy.

An eighteen-year-old young female approached our clinic with chronic headaches. She was suffering from frequent headaches from the past 3 years. The headache was mostly left side, starting from left frontal eyebrow extending to left occipital region and occasional radiating to the right occipital region too. Headache was accompanied by nausea, eye strain, and sleeplessness. Though feels hungry she could not eat because of the nauseating feel and during the pain, she does not like anyone to disturb her, gets very irritated when disturbed.

Thinking of pain triggered her headache and lack of sleep also was one trigger factor.

Menstrual history:  Menarche was when she was in ninth standard, initially was regular but from past three years became irregular and from past six months periods were absent and was diagnosed with PCOD

Family history: Her mother expired when she was seven years old and she couldn’t tell the cause. Her maternal uncle brought her up. Father committed suicide recently.

For in-depth analysis of the case and trying to find the cause for her illness more details were asked. She revealed she was an adopted child, she wanted to keep her parents very happy and earn a lot of fame but she could not concentrate on any subject in class instead teachers use to reprimand her as she uses to fall asleep.

Has poor memory, forgets what she reads, because of which she has backlogs. She cannot bear anyone neglecting her. Lives in fantasies, whatever she desires it has to be done. If she does not get what she wants she gets too disappointed, gets very angry, throws things around and then falls down. During the temper tantrum, she does not even realize what she has spoken.

She wanted to become an actress and wanted to achieve more fame for her grandmother and father but her father counseled her that the film industry is not good and instead advised her to concentrate on studies and become an engineer. She joined B Tech for studies but because of her poor listening skills, she has not been performing well in studies though she wanted to perform well. She revealed that she had a fear for mathematics and Biology used to be her favorite subject but because of her father she chooses the engineering side. After her father expired, she shifted to her uncle’s place but feels he does not take proper care of her.

Physical Generals:  She was a thirsty patient with chilly thermals

 Even as the patient was narrating her symptoms and story, the doctor observed that she was constantly going back and forth, her thoughts were incoherent. Based on repatriation Agaricus 30 was given and asked to report for follow up after a week. When she came for her follow up visit, she reported that the periods have come after six months, there were no headaches and she had good sleep.

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