Hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles is one of the most common life style disorder. In India alone more than 40 million people are affected by it and every year about a million new cases are added to it.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can also be known as varicose veins of rectum and anal canal. They may be internal (within the rectal canal) or external (surrounding the anal tissue).

Why do they occur?
Primary cause for hemorrhoids is chronic constipation and sedentary life style. We can blame our modern life style also for it. Having meals at irregular time, high intake of processed foods, late nights, prolonged sitting; less intake of fibrous food, lack of exercise contribute towards developing Hemorrhoids. Besides these common factors pregnancy, old age, family history, frequent bouts or severe diarrhea, carrying heavy weights, obesity can also cause hemorrhoids.

What are the symptoms?
Bleeding after stool may be the only indication sometimes in case of internal hemorrhoids. Itching at anal region, discomfort while sitting, difficulty in passing stool and swelling or lump near the anus are the other common symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Homeopathy Treatment for Hemorrhoids :
Most of the cases of hemorrhoids are manageable without surgery by simple changes in life style and homeopathy medications. Including more fibre in the food, maintaining active life style, avoiding processed foods, reducing weight can help in managing hemorrhoids. Homeopathy treatment helps in improving the bowel movements, reducing the swelling of hemorrhoidal veins and stop bleeding per rectum without any side effects. It’s medications are selected based on patients both physical and mental symptoms. There are many medications in homeopathy which can help a patient suffering with hemorrhoids but they are selected by individualization, i.e. by eliciting a patient’s physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Some important medications for hemorrhoid treatment are:

• Aesculus hipp: Suitable for irritable persons. Looses temper easily but takes some time to cool down. Heat, Dryness, Roughness and stiffness are key notes of the remedy. Painful defecation, pain lasts for long time after passing stool. Purplish colored bleeding piles, chronic constipation with severe low back ache. Rectum feels full of sticks and Mucus membranes are swollen and raw.

• Aloes soc: Complaints of old people, or those leading sedentary life style. Profuse jelly like mucus. Stool mixed with mucous, Hemorrhoid-like bunch of grapes-blue bleeding sore, burning and itching amelioration by cold application. Constipation alternating with diarrhoea.

• Ammonium Mur: Especially adapted to those who are on heavier side. Obstinate Constipation with offensive flatus. Hard, crumbling stool requiring great effort in expulsion. Hemorrhoids sore and smarting, with burning and stinging in the rectum long after stool.

• Collinsonia : Well suited for hemorrhoids during and after pregnancy. Bleeding piles with profuse painful bleeding. Hemorrhoidal dysentery with tenesmus. Pruritis in pregnancy along with hemorrhoids.

• Hamamelis: Has anti hemorrhagic property. It is adapted to venous hemorrhage. Hemorrhoids, bleeding profusely with burning, soreness, fullness, heaviness as if back would break, urging to stool, bluish colour, anus feel raw and sore.

• Muriatic Acid- Adapted to irritable, peevish and anger persons. Hemorrhoids, Swollen, Blue, sensitive and painful to touch, appear suddenly in children, too painful to touch, even the sheet is uncomfortable.

• Nitric Acid: Suited to persons suffering with chronic diseases who take cold easily. More disposed towards diarrhea in comparison with constipation. Pain sticking, pricking type as if full of splinters. Great straining but little passes as if feces remained and cannot be expelled. Hemorrhoids that are exquisitely painful to touch and at stool, that bleed external or internal with burning and sticking pains.

• Nux Vomica: Adapted to thin, irritable, nervous disposition persons prone to indigestion and hemorrhoids. Bad effects of coffee, tobacco, alcohol, highly spiced food, sedentary life style and late nights. Constipation with frequent unsuccessful urge to defecate. Alternate constipation and diarrhea in persons who have taken purgatives all their life.

• Ratanhia: Constipation, stool hard with great straining. Protruded Hemorrhoids. Pain as if splinters of glass were sticking in rectum and anus. Pruritis ani (itching at anal region).

• Sulphur: Constipation: stools hard, knotty and dry, as if burnt. Large, painful stool. Hemorrhoids itching and bleeding. Well suited to persons who lead sedentary life.

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