How to Nurture and Nourish Your Skin in Summer

As summer is approaching we can feel mercury rising, days are getting warmer and need for cooling aids like fan or cool water has increased. Life on earth without sun is not possible. We know that light from sun helps plants make their own food and helps synthesize important vitamins in humans. However, excess exposure to sunlight can cause problems of skin too. Scorching heat accompanied by pollutants in air rob our skin off from its’ natural glow leaving it dull and lifeless. The skin may suffer from break out of acne and face may develop hyper pigmented patches like freckles or melisma due to increased perspiration. Infections, especially fungal and bacterial become more common. Prickly heat or hives due to sun sensitiveness, sunburn and dryness of skin are other common skin care conditions that develop due to overexposure in sun.

Skin care tips:

  • Keep yourself well hydrated. It not only helps you to replenish water lost due to sweating but also keeps the body cool,  wash out toxins and keeps you feel fresh and prevent sun strokes.
  • Protect your skin from harsh UV rays by using liberal amount of sun screen lotion and umbrella, or wide brimmed hats
  • Wear pastel shade clothes. Ensure your dresses are light and loose, preferably use clothes made of cotton.
  • If you are a regular exerciser, then do it in the cooler part of the day like early morning or in evening
  • Have shower at least two times a day with warm water and use a mild soap or cleanser. Do not use medicated soaps like anti-bacterial soaps as they tend to dry the skin more.
  • Have plenty of fresh juicy fruits and juices or Coconut water as they cool the body.
  • Apply a dab of moisturizer after a shower or bath to retain the moisture in the body.
  • Do not sit for long hours in air-conditioned rooms as they dry the air making skin drier.
  • As fungal infections and heat rashes are common maintain skin hygiene.

For more information about skin care tips and treatment, click here.

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